Combined water treatment systems

Combined water treatment systems

Any sphere of human life including industry needs water. Any business needs clean and safe water. This is especially true for food industry, pharmaceutical, medicine, chemistry and light industry. Violations of technological processes as well as expensive manufacturing equipment damaging are common consequences of poor quality water using. Industrial filters, which are needed for water purification, can get rid of these problems. Increased levels of impurities in water can turn a source of danger and contribute to different diseases growth. Purification of water using by means of variety of ways and methods is simply a vital necessity. It is also clear that filters are needed to be installed not only on industrial enterprise, but also to clean water in swimming pools, water parks and other facilities where large volumes of water circulate.

Today water purification is not a whim but a vital necessity. Groundwater is contaminated with dissolved iron, calcium and magnesium salts, a variety of mechanical impurities and organic compounds. Water that circulates in centralized water supply system also is contaminated with mechanical impurities, aluminum and heavy metals salts, chlorine and its compounds, this water can only conditionally considered to be safe to use. Water treatment system for cottages and houses is a concern about the health of its dwellers, protection of utilities, plumbing and water heating elements of different equipment. Industrial water treatment systems for boilers, heat exchanging and processing equipment installation is a way to increase the service life of equipment, heat emission, saving on equipment repairing, eliminating downtime, and so to increase profitability. You can be sure that industrial water treatment pays off. For companies using water as a feedstock in manufacturing process of bottled water, soft drinks, beer, alcoholic beverages, industrial water filters implementation means always pure water, which is the guarantor of products high quality and hence productivity of a whole enterprise.

There is a wide range of equipment for water treatment, which allows water purification from pollution and contaminants for both industrial and residential needs. Water purification equipment varies greatly in design features, purification performance rates and various additional modules.

A choice of equipment for water purification depends on problems to be solved in the process of water treatment. Before you install a water purification system you should accurately determine the extent and specificity of pollution, to take into account all the peculiarities of situation. Filters for mechanical filtration are used to remove sand, sediment, rust, and colloidal substances from water. Iron removal systems purify water from compounds of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. To remove residual chlorine, bad taste, odor and color water adsorption systems are used. To reduce the hardness of water softening systems are used where special filter reagents perform comprehensive water purification from nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, ammonia, heavy metals and organic compounds. Ultra filtration is used for water purification from colloidal particles and microorganisms. The latest technology has allowed filter manufactures to combine different methods of water treatment in one combined system.