How to design a Baby’s Room

How to design a Baby’s Room

Decorating your unborn baby’s room can be quite an unpleasant and stressful experience. If you have just moved into a new house with no furniture and if you have planned one of the room for the baby, then yes, you will probably not go through hell while reordering the old furniture, replacing it with new one and finding a new place for you book collection. But if you have to pick one of your rooms in your current apartment and make it appropriate for a new-born, you will definitely need some help. Here we offer you some useful steps which can help you make this process a bit easier and fun.

1. Childproof the room. You first concern must be safety. Move out all the sharp and dangerous things that could hurt your child. As the little stranger begins to walk, he (or she) will become more and more curious. So it is very important that you assure his/her safety.

2. Work out color scheme. Paint the walls in some bright, fancy colors. It is a well-known fact that green is one of the most appropriate for babies. It calms their eyes and does not disturbs them. Red, on the other hand is pretty aggressive color and we don’t recommend it. If you already know the sex of your baby, you may even consider the color with it.

3. Buy some second hand stuff. Garage sales, flea markets, and consignment stores are a great place to buy slightly-used pieces. You’ll be able to save a lot of money over new retail and maybe even have higher quality than you’d get otherwise. You can also find some great, antique drawers, which could be wonderful for the baby’s nursery.

4. Consider you budget. Try to be realistic and make a list of things you will really need. Put necessary and useful things first, then the beautiful ones. Nowadays, shops offer a variety of shiny things for a baby’s room, which you will later realize that will not get in use. If you are committed to a budget, you’ll be able to resist buying everything on the store shelves.

5. Hang decorations. Choose a mural, picture, and bedding. Buy stuff, sew stuff, and glue stuff. Assemble the furniture in the nursery, if possible, so you don’t have any issues with large items not fitting through the doorway. Let the room come alive.

6. Select a baby crib. The baby’s crib I perhaps the main furniture in the room. So you must select it wisely. Style, color, wood, shape…everything matters and is very important that it safe and comfortable. This is may be the only thing which you have to spend a bit more money in order to assure that the place where your little precious will spend the next several years.

7. Do It Yourself! A baby will not judge your choice or your talent, so the nursery is a perfect place to build you skills of painting, basic woodworking, and sewing. Be creative! Be different! You’ll be able to save tons of money and even discover some hidden talents.