Stages of e-store creation

Stages of e-store creation

Sooner or later a person who wants to start up e-commerce will refer to design studio with the question: How to create a successful online store. Most likely, you will be disappointed with the facts that creation of online store costs quite a lot. Of course, there is a possibility to use ready-made CMS that are widely presented today. But if you are serious about your online business you will need to purchase the licensed product. Magento Is supposed to be one of the best content management systems for e-commerce that provides optimal functionality of online store. The advantage of it, in addition to a wide variety of modules, extensions and templates, is that it has open source code. It is extremely popular around the world today due to its convenience and advanced usability.

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So, you e-store has been created. What is the next step? You should think about hosting. Selection of web hosting depends on the amount of virtual space required for your store. It is clear that the largest part will be occupied by product images. Do not make common mistake and cut down the content of your e-store. Main requirements for web hosting include presence of PHP and MySQL, control panel and access through FTP. One of the most important indicators for optimal operation of your store is availability to customers at any time of the day, so high speed of server is required. Hosting should provide its clients around the clock support as one of the main advantages of online shop is that it is open 24 hours a day. Then you should carefully consider a domain name because it is selected for the entire period of e-store operation. It is recommended to choose domain name connected with your business activity and easy to remember. If it is possible, the number of symbols should be minimized.

Your e-store interface is also very important. Internet users pay much attention to web-site design and appearance. Custom design can be created or ready-made templates can be used – it depends on you. But the main thing is that it must be attractive and easy to remember for customers, even if a customer has forgotten the name of your store, he will be able recognize it easily. Try to use eye-pleasing colors in order not to irritate your customers even after long searching. And it is also necessary to place your logo on each page.

All the worries and anxiety online store creation are far behind, and your new site has already graced Internet spaces, but do not think that now you will only have to answer numerous customer calls. There are already hundreds of such stores as yours in the global network. And now you have to make Internet users visit your site. The descriptions of your product must meet not only functionality but also SEO requirements – in this case, they will work not only for sale, but also for your website promotion.